Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nate turns a Decade

Nate turned 10 on January 10. I can't believe ten years has gone by already! I'm sad that he's already half way done living at our house...

Friends from Nate's AAU team came over for some Rock Band after they all went to see "Mall Cop". Zander (drums), David Picha (waving with guitar), Major (guitar), Nate, and Jacob Sparling had a fun afternoon that started with Rock Band and progressed to a big wrestling match on the ottoman! Thankfully no one ended up crying!

Mario had to show his skills for the boys.

Pizza dinner before we all headed to the CWU basketball game! Go WILDCATS!


The Price Family said...

Wow... Nate and his friends seems so old! It is weird to see pictures of your house too, I haven't seen it since you did the remodel.
The perfect party some games, food, and a college basketball game!

Pemberton family said...

He's 10!! I will never forget when he was born, I had just signed to play volleyball for Mario at Central like a month before that and then I got a letter from Mario saying he had a son! I can't believe its been 10 years. Nate looks like quite the stud:)

LeAnne Den Boer said...

How fun!! I agree with Carolyn, it is so weird to know that he is 10. Tia was just born when I signed and now they are both so grown up! Keep Dar young as long as possible! :)